C2 Tactical Course Curriculum: Rifle 100
Introduction to Tactical Rifles

The 4-hour class focuses on the basics of the military AR15 rifle and AK 47/74 platformed rifles, however we welcome any tactical rifle. We learn the history, theory of operation, and basic use. This class is designed for a shooter who has recently purchased a military style rifle and would like to know the basics of use. This class is a prerequisite for the Tactical Carbine courses. If you are buying an AR15, M1, AK47 or any military-style rifle, this is a great course to add on to your purchase. This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to safely load, unload and understand the basic operation of their tactical rifle.

Instructors: All instructors for this course are required to have NRA Certification and/ or have prior Military, Law Enforcement or competitive shooting backgrounds

Focus areas within this course include:

• Safety

• Basic history & theory of operation

• Dynamics and rifle ballistics

• Proper loading and unloading techniques

• Rifle optics

• Zeroing sites or installed optics

3 hours class time, 1 hour range time

Class Prerequisites:

Proper attitude and willingness to participate

Equipment and supplies required:

• Rifle (We suggest you bring your own as rentals are limited)

• One (1) rifle magazine

• Closed-toe shoes or boots

• 50 rounds of ammunition

• Eye and ear protection

Course tuition: $60.00



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