C2 Tactical Course Curriculum
Defensive Carbine Operations II

Our Defensive Carbine Operations II course is designed for the progressive student in mind who desires to “evolve their skills” in a practical, real world shooting environment. Our “No Ego” approach to instruction encourages our students to translate proper knowledge, skills & attitude to a higher level of accuracy and personal development.

This course is a dynamic shooting course with an intermediate level of physical activity. We encourage all students to wear appropriate clothing, footwear & headgear for the day as well as bring note taking material for this challenging, yet entertaining “in context” course.

Instructors: All of our vetted instructors meet and exceed the state’s requirements for firearms instruction with a minimum of 15+ years of competent experience and are certified by either DOD, federal, state law enforcement agencies as well as the NRA.

Focus areas within this course include:

• Fundamentals & Safety Review
• Firearm & Gear Selection & Maintenance
• Reloads & Stoppage Clearances
• Shooter Movement
• Multiple Threat Engagement
• Conventional & Unconventional Positions
• Bilateral Rifle & Pistol Operations
• Primary & secondary Weapon Transitions
• Pressure Drills, Skills and Standards
• Course Qualifications

8-hour range time

Required Equipment:

• Eye & Ear Pro (Electronics Recommended)
• Gloves, Knee & Elbow Pads (Optional)
• Appropriate Clothing for Training & Weather
• (1 or 2) AR-15, AK-47 style (Please Ensure Reliability)
• (1) Handgun (Mid-Full Sized Recommended)
• Rifle Sling
• Note Taking Material
• 400 Rounds of Rifle Ammunition
• 200 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition

Course tuition is $274.95



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